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​What is Original Medicare? Medicare Part A & Part B are referred to as Original Medicare. Medicare Part A Covers non-medical hospital, skilled nursing facility care, nursing home care hospice and home health services. Part A will be sent to you automatically when turning 65. Typically there is no cost for Part A. Medicare Part B Medicare Part B (medical insurance) covers, including doctor and other health care providers' services, outpatient care, durable medical equipment, home health care, and some preventive services.  Enrollment in Medicare Part B is voluntary and 2016 the monthly cost is $121.80. Turning 65 Part A (non-medical coverage) will be sent to you automatically when turning 65. If you need Medical coverage, you must voluntarily enroll in Part B. Over 65 and Soon To Retire Because you are over 65, you will already be enrolled in Medicare Part A but now you need to enroll in Part B and elect your Medicare Part B effective date. You will want to choose a Medicare Part B effective date that coordinates with the termination of your current health insurance. If you are enrolling in Part B after age 65, you will need to provide proof of "Credible Coverage".  By doing so you will not be assessed Part B life-time late penalties.   ​We suggest enrolling in Medicare Part B, 2-3 months before your desired effective date. If Collecting Social Security before age 65 If you decide to elect your Social Security benefits prior to your full Social Security retirement age you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B upon turning 65. Subsequently, $143.00 will be automatically deducted from your Social Security check. Neither Senior Healthcare Advisors, LLC nor its agents is connected with the Federal Medicare Program. Source: 2018 Medicare and You Handbook and